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Chic Turquoise Cottage on 40-Acre Ranch: Forest Ranch, CA

This magical little haven filled me with so much wonder and really fueled my imagination at every turn! I found there was so much to do without ever having to get in the car. There were miles of trails to enjoy, a creek, waterfalls, an old abandoned mine, and a private sauna right on property!

I loved this rustic, artsy haven and using the old-fashioned airstream as a kitchen. The glass window right above the doorway cast little rainbows against the wall when the sun shone through and I really felt the magic in the air.

An ordinary hike was a magical adventure of discovering the most simplistic beauty of dewdrops on some of the leaves from the rainfall the previous day. I had originally set out trying to create these phenomenal, technically perfect, way above my skill level, shots that I had seen all over Instagram. But then I recognized the need to shoot from the eyes of Katrina, not everyone else. There is beauty in the simple, if we only take the time to find it.

I sat for hours listening to the warbling sound of the water rushing beside me, and I was truly content. I loved that this waterfall was on private property so I had the place all to myself. Waterfalls are one subject I will never tire of photographing.

Total Price I paid for 2 nights: $294 ($109/night and $29 cleaning fee)

Distance from the Bay Area: About 144 miles (3 hours driving)

Dogs Allowed: yes, $25 pet fee

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